Op. 9 Concerto Grosso コンチェルト・グロッソ


Op. 9 作品番号9
Title: Concerto Grosso 作品名:コンチェルト・グロッソ
Length: 16 mins 長さ:16分
Completed: 2014 完成年:2004年
Scoring: Chamber orchestra 編成:室内オーケストラ
First Performance: 2004 初演:2004年
Sheet Music: No, Berceuse (Piano) 楽譜:準備中、子守唄(ピアノ版)
YouTube Recording: No YouTubeで録音:なし
Commercial Recording: No 録音販売:なし


Concerto Grosso was composed following a commission from the Hillingdon Music Service for a piece that could be performed in local schools. It mixes modern melodies and baroque structures. The movements are 1) Prelude and Fugue, 2) Berceuse, 3) Passacaglia, 4) Recitative, 5) Pastorale.

Berceuse was originally a short piano piece. The sheet music is available above, and an explanation is in the blog post “Beginnings”.