About my musical activities 私の音楽活動について



Thank you for visiting my music website. In this first blog entry I will explain about the type of musical activities I am involved in and their relationship to my work at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.

I played the violin and piano for over two decades until repetitive strain injury caused my retirement as a player in 2000. I still play the piano from time to time and sit at the piano to compose, but I cannot do concentrated practice or play for long enough to do concerts. My main musical activity these days is composition. I write pieces and produce the sheet music so that they may be performed by others. I feel most comfortable writing for strings and choirs because I spent many years observing how music fits together while playing violin and singing bass in student and amateur orchestras and choirs.

Writing music means little if it just stays in my head and on my computer. I publicize and distribute my compositions in the following ways:

1) This website introduces all my musical activities. It also contains a blog where I post articles relating to composition and classical music more generally.
2) The sheet music of my pieces is published in the UK by AndArt Music.
3) The published sheet music is sold and distributed on tutti.co.uk, an online store based in the UK supporting contemporary classical musicians.
4) When financially viable, recordings are produced and distributed. My first CD, Philip Seaton – Chamber Works, is released in September 2018 from HD Impression. Other recordings are available on YouTube (subscribe to my YouTube Channel to hear the latest).
5) On my public Facebook page, @philipseatoncomposer, I post news about my compositions, blog articles, and share the work of other living composers.

All the above musical activities are completely separate from my day job. I have no position at TUFS related to music. I do music in my free time and as a hobby. The university supports my musical activities as long as my job gets done!

Under the terms of my employment at TUFS, I am unable to write music on a commercial basis. I cannot accept paid work to write or arrange music. But, I will consider unpaid commissions from musicians, educators and music festivals, as long as they create no conflict of interest with my work as an academic. Time limitations, however, mean that I can accept very few invitations, particularly for large-scale works.

Music is a hobby, albeit one that I treat in a very professional manner, and I would like to keep it this way. But, I can only keep doing what I do through the kind support of the many people who have helped turn my music from notes on a page to concert performances and recordings. To all those people who have played my pieces, and to those who help by passing on the word to others about my music, I am most deeply grateful.

17 July 2018





2.私の音楽作品の楽譜はAndArt Musicにより英国で出版されています。


4.経済的に実現可能な場合は、作品を録音し、入手できるようにしています。私の第1作目となるCDPhilip Seaton – Chamber Worksが2018年9月にHD Impressionから発売予定です。その他の録音作品はYouTubeでお聴き頂けます(最新の楽曲をお聴き頂くには、私のYouTubeチャンネルにご登録ください)。