Recordings 録音


I am working towards making recordings of all my pieces publicly available. At present, complete recordings of two pieces (A Christmas Carol and Rainy Day) are available on YouTube. Three pieces (Bitter Suite, Rainy Day and Reflections) will be released on CD in September 2018. Sound samples of these pieces are available via my YouTube Channel. Other pieces are awaiting release or recording.

On 19 September, my first CD Philip Seaton – Chamber Works will be released by the Yokohama-based record label HD Impression. Please use the following form to pre-order a copy (pre-orders can only be accepted from within Japan). Here is the official publicity publicity flyer.


フィリップ・シートン第1作目となるCD – Chamber Works は9月19日にHD Impressionから発売予定。予約受付中(国内のみ)。チラシはこちら。下記のフォームにご登録お願いします。


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振込先:東京三菱UFJ 青葉台支店 普通 0175003 HD Impression合同会社