Below is a timeline of key moments on my composing journey, framed by where I was working. 日本版はこちら


2021: String Quartet in C completed. First performance at the Chofu International Music Festival (3 July 2021). Joya no Kane completed.

2020: Four Songs of Love and Loss completed.

2019: Trio Concertante completed.

2018: Music website created. AndArt Music established. Release of CD Philip Seaton – Chamber Works (September).

April 2018: Tokyo University of Foreign Studies


2017: ABC (commissioned work) completed & first performance (April). Recording session in Nasu-Shiobara (August, later released as the CD Chamber Works). A Christmas Carol completed & YouTube recording (December).

2016: Sabbatical (from October). Restarted composing (ABC & A Christmas Carol) after over a decade-long hiatus.

2005-2015: Largely inactive as a composer.

June 2004: Hokkaido University


2004: The Greatest is Love, first performance (March); Concerto Grosso (commissioned work), first performance (January).

2003: Mill Hill Music Festival (May/June): The Mill Suite (commissioned work) & Bitter Suite, first performances. The Mill Suite & Concerto Grosso completed.

2002: Requiem, first performance (March). The Greatest is Love & Bitter Suite (revised version) completed.

September 2000: DPhil at the University of Sussex (at the University of Tokyo from April 2002)


2001: Requiem, completed.

2000: Reflections (revised version), Memories of Japan & Rainy Day, first performances (Nagaoka, December). Memories of Japan & Rainy Day completed.

1998: Reflections (revised version) & Bitter Suite (original version for string octet) completed.

April 1998: Nagaoka University of Technology


1994-1998: Largely inactive as a composer.

July 1994: JET Programme in Hyogo & MA at the University of Sussex


1993: Reflections (original version), first performance.

1992: Reflections (original version), completed.

September 1991: University of Cambridge


1990: Serenade for Solo Violin and String Orchestra, first performance (May).

1989: Serenade for Solo Violin and String Orchestra, completed.

1985?: First completed composition, Berceuse.

September 1985: Mill Hill School