Bio プロフィール

I grew up in North London, but since 1994 I have mostly lived in Japan. I work in Tokyo as a university professor specializing in modern Japanese history and culture, so composition is a passion rather than a profession. I write music when I can, although the pressures of academic life allow precious little time for it these days.

I remember playing tunes I had written to my piano teacher when I was very young, and the composition bug has never left me. I am entirely self-taught as a composer. I learned through trial and much error while performing in and writing for student/amateur orchestras, chamber ensembles, and choirs. My compositions are simply pieces that I wanted to play, sing or listen to myself. I love most classical music from Bach to Bartok, and my inspiration to persevere in both academia and music comes from researcher-composer Borodin. I have a particular fondness for the repertoire of my instrument, the violin.