Catalogue カタログ

Here is a list of my completed works. Apart from the pieces marked with an asterisk (*), the pieces have been published by AndArt Music and performance parts may be downloaded from the AndArt Music website. Click the piece title for more information.

こちらは、私の完成作品の一覧です。アスタリスク(*)が付いた作品を除いて、AndArt Musicより出版されており、パート譜はAndArt Musicのウェブサイトからダウンロード可能です。詳細は曲名をクリックして下さい。


Op. 14 Joya no Kane (5 minutes; piano, violin, cello)

*Op. 13 String Quartet in C (24 minutes; string quartet)

*Op. 12 Four Songs of Love and Loss (12 minutes; baritone, piano)

Op. 11 Trio Concertante (36 minutes; piano, violin, cello)

Op. 10 A Christmas Carol (30 minutes; choir and organ)

Op. 9 Concerto Grosso (16 minutes; chamber orchestra, commissioned by Hillingdon Music Service, London)

Op. 8 The Greatest is Love (10 minutes; choir, strings and organ)

Op. 7 The Mill Suite (10 minutes; choir and string quartet; commissioned by the Mill Hill Music Festival, London)
「ミル(水車)組曲」(10分、合唱団と弦楽器四重奏、ロンドンのMill Hill音楽祭による依頼曲)

*Op. 6 Bitter Suite (23 minutes; octet)

Op. 5 Requiem (37 minutes; choir, orchestra, baritone solo)

Op. 4 Rainy Day (4 minutes; two violins and piano)

Op. 3 Memories of Japan (10 minutes; string quartet)

Op. 2 Reflections (32 minutes; piano quintet).

*Op. 1 Serenade for Solo Violin and String Orchestra (13 minutes; violin and string orchestra)


Other Works

ABC (2 minutes; piano and children’s chorus).

Berceuse (3 minutes; piano)