Catalogue カタログ

Here is a list of my completed works. Apart from the pieces marked with an asterisk (*), the pieces have been published by AndArt Music and performance parts may be downloaded from the AndArt Music website. Click the piece title for more information. (My publications as an academic researcher are here).

こちらは、私の完成作品の一覧です。アスタリスク(*)が付いた作品を除いて、AndArt Musicより出版されており、パート譜はAndArt Musicのウェブサイトからダウンロード可能です。詳細は曲名をクリックして下さい。(研究者としての出版物はこちら)。


*Op. 19 Sinfonia Concertante (31 minutes, 2 violins and orchestra)

*Op. 18 Shigeru’s War (4 minutes; flute, horn, viola)

*Op. 17 The Ocean in Summer (4 minutes; soprano and piano)

Op. 16-2 Love Came Down at Christmas (2 minutes; choir)

Op. 16-1 Music on Christmas Morning (5 minutes; choir and organ)

Op. 15 Summer Songs (9 minutes; baritone, violin, piano)

Op. 14 Joya no Kane (6 minutes; piano, violin, cello)

Op. 13 String Quartet in C (24 minutes; string quartet)

Op. 12 Four Songs of Love and Loss (13 minutes; baritone, piano)

Op. 11 Trio Concertante (36 minutes; piano, violin, cello)

Op. 10 A Christmas Carol (30 minutes; choir and organ)

Op. 9 Concerto Grosso (16 minutes; chamber orchestra, commissioned by Hillingdon Music Service, London)

Op. 8 The Greatest is Love (10 minutes; choir, strings and organ)

Op. 7 The Mill Suite (10 minutes; choir and string quartet; commissioned by the Mill Hill Music Festival, London)
「ミル(水車)組曲」(10分、合唱団と弦楽器四重奏、ロンドンのMill Hill音楽祭による依頼曲)

*Op. 6 Bitter Suite (23 minutes; octet)

Op. 5 Requiem (37 minutes; choir, orchestra, baritone solo)

Op. 4 Rainy Day (4 minutes; two violins and piano)

Op. 3 Memories of Japan (10 minutes; string quartet)

Op. 2 Reflections (32 minutes; piano quintet).

*Op. 1 Serenade for Solo Violin and String Orchestra (13 minutes; violin and string orchestra)


Other Works

Pie Jesu (3 minutes; baritone, oboe/violin, piano).

ABC (2 minutes; piano and children’s chorus).

Berceuse (3 minutes; piano)