Upcoming Performances 今後のコンサート

The first public performance of Joya no Kane is scheduled for 20 November 2022. More details to follow!「除夜の鐘」の初演は2022年11月20日を予定しています。詳しくは後でお知らせします!


Information about upcoming concert performances will be posted here. If you are planning a public performance, please let me know and I will share information here and via social media.


Past Performances (since 2018) 過去の演奏(2018年以降)

26 June 2022: Summer Songs

At a Salon Concert on 26 June, there were the first performances of Four Songs of Love and Loss, Summer Songs, and Pie Jesu (version for baritone, violin and piano). The programme also included Rainy Day. プログラムと日本語による解説はこちら:Summer Songs Program

Left to right: Philip Seaton (composer), Narihara Kanade (violin), Nagayasu Rie (piano), Masuhara Hideya (baritone)

3 July 2021

String Quartet in C at the Chofu International Music Festival 2021. Music Salon Official Programme (3 July) is here.

The online programme for my concert is here. 自分のコンサートのためのオンライン・プログラムはこちら。 聴衆の一人の批評(ブログ)。

3 May 2018

Rainy Day, performed by Kanade Narihara and Satomi Yamazaki at La Folle Journée Tokyo 2018.

Official guide (see indication on p. M-24): lfj2018_officialguide_marunouchi