Upcoming Performances 今後のコンサート



プログラムはこちら:Summer Songs Program


Information about upcoming concert performances will be posted here. If you are planning a public performance, please let me know and I will share information here and via social media.


Past Performances (since 2018) 過去の演奏(2018年以降)

3 July 2021

String Quartet in C at the Chofu International Music Festival 2021. Music Salon Official Programme (3 July) is here.

The online programme for my concert is here. 自分のコンサートのためのオンライン・プログラムはこちら。 聴衆の一人の批評(ブログ)。

3 May 2018

Rainy Day, performed by Kanade Narihara and Satomi Yamazaki at La Folle Journée Tokyo 2018.

Official guide (see indication on p. M-24): lfj2018_officialguide_marunouchi