Upcoming Performances 今後のコンサート

29 July 2024. Kira Hall Ebisu.

加耒徹 歌シリーズ Vol.18  Kaku Toru Song Series Vol. 18

〜フィリップ・シートン&松岡あさひ〜 Philip Seaton & Matsuoka Asahi

二人の作曲家を追う(作曲家対談有り)Catching up with two composers (includes discussions with the composers)

KIRA HALL 恵比寿) Venue: Kira Hall, Ebisu, Tokyo

(各公演予約制5,000円) Tickets: By reservation only.

Please book tickets via Kaku Toru’s official website.


Plans for 2025! Details to follow …  2025年の企画!詳細は、後に発表します。

The first performance of Sinfonia Concertante … 「シンフォニア・コンチェルタンテ」の初演


Information about upcoming concert performances will be posted here. If you are planning a public performance, please let me know and I will share information here and via social media.


Past Performances (since 2018) 過去の演奏(2018年以降)

30 September 2023. Kusunoki Hall, Chofu

The first public performance of Berceuse was given in Chofu on 30 September. A Vlog (including the performance) is here.



24 June 2023. Chofu International Music Festival

Workshop “Creating New Music” Vol.2. Performance of Shigeru’s War. For a full report, see the blog post “Workshop”.

調布国際音楽祭 ワークショップ「新しい音楽をつくる」Vol. 2にて、「Shigeruの戦争」が演奏されました。詳しくは、ブログ「ワークショップ」をご覧ください。

6 May 2023. CD launch concert (CDリリース記念コンサート)

Irodrio gave the first performance of Trio Concertante at iPlaza, Inagi City: 20230506 Concert Poster. See the blog post Premiere for more, including a complete recording! 彩三重奏による「トリオ・コンチェルタンテ」の初演、稲城市のiPlazaにて。詳しくは、ブログ「初演」をご覧ください。ライブ録音(第1〜3楽章)もあります!


20 November 2022, Chofu City “Little Little Concert” (小さな小さな音楽会)

The first public performance of Joya no Kane was on 20 November 2022 as part of a concert series organized by the Foundation for the promotion of Chofu city’s culture and community (Japanese only).


26 June 2022: Summer Songs

At a Salon Concert on 26 June, there were the first performances of Four Songs of Love and Loss, Summer Songs, and Pie Jesu (version for baritone, violin and piano). The programme also included Rainy Day. プログラムと日本語による解説はこちら:Summer Songs Program

Left to right: Philip Seaton (composer), Narihara Kanade (violin), Nagayasu Rie (piano), Masuhara Hideya (baritone)

3 July 2021

String Quartet in C at the Chofu International Music Festival 2021. Music Salon Official Programme (3 July) is here.

The online programme for my concert is here. 自分のコンサートのためのオンライン・プログラムはこちら。 聴衆の一人の批評(ブログ)。

3 May 2018

Rainy Day, performed by Kanade Narihara and Satomi Yamazaki at La Folle Journée Tokyo 2018.

Official guide (see indication on p. M-24): lfj2018_officialguide_marunouchi