Op. 1 Serenade セレナーデ


Op. 1 作品番号1
Title: Serenade for Solo Violin and String Orchestra 作品名:ソロバイオリンと弦楽オーケストラのためのセレナーデ
Length: 13 mins 長さ:13分
Completed: 1989 完成年:1990年
Scoring: Violin Solo, String Orchestra 編成:バイオリン、弦楽オーケストラ
First Performance: 1990 初演:1990年
Sheet Music: No 楽譜:なし
YouTube Recording: No YouTubeで録音:なし
Commercial Recording: No 録音販売:なし


The Serenade for Solo Violin and String Orchestra was conceived as a mini violin concerto. It is in a single movement and brings together many of the musical ideas that I had been collecting during my teens. As my first completed piece, and my first piece performed in public (aged 17, accompanied by the school orchestra), it was by nature highly experimental. But, everyone has to start somewhere …