Op. 3 Memories of Japan 日本の思い出


Op. 3 作品番号3
Title: Memories of Japan 作品名:日本の思い出
Length: 10 mins 長さ:10分
Completed: 2000 完成年:2000年
Scoring: String Quartet 編成:弦楽器四重奏
First Performance: 2000 初演:2000年
Sheet Music: Published 楽譜:出版済み
YouTube Recording: No YouTubeで録音:なし
Commercial Recording: No 録音販売:なし


Memories of Japan is an experimental original theme and variations in a Japanese style for string quartet. The variations – Festival, Cherry Blossom, Kabuki, Folk Song, Sunrise – each depict a memory from my first two years in Japan (1994-1996).


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Full Score

Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, Cello


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