Here are the sections of the reviews of the album Trio Concertante specifically about my piece in the Japanese classical music industry magazines Record Geijutsu and Bravo.



『レコード芸術』Record Geijutsu, July 2023.

準*「…自伝的な性格を持つ耳に馴染みの良い作品。彼女たちも初演を任された責任を果たすべく真摯に取り組んでおり、十分にその責めを果たしているように思う。今後この作品がこの団体にとって重要なレパートリーになることを祈りたい。」中村孝義、『レコード芸術』 2023年7月号、142〜143ページ。

“A good work which is autobiographical in character and easy on the ear. They [Irodrio] have sincerely shouldered the responsibility placed on them of giving the first performance, and have amply fulfilled that responsibility. I hope that from here on this piece will become an important work within Irodrio’s repertoire.” Nakamura Takayoshi, Record Geijutsu, July 2023, p. 142-143.

準*「…タイトル通りに各パートに技巧的な難所を盛り込み、かつ旋律に半音階的な動きを込めているものの、全体はポップスを思わせる和声感を伴い、調性的な進行をベースとする平明な音楽となっている。特に第1部前半での秀麗なサウンドの組み立てや、第3部カデンツァ以降の純朴な歌が印象に残る。」相場ひろ、『レコード芸術』 2023年7月号、142〜143ページ。

“As suggested by the title [Trio Concertante], each part has technically difficult passages. And even though there is chromaticism in the melodies, overall, along with a harmonious feel reminiscent of pop music, the music follows lucid harmonic progression. In particular, the graceful sound constructed in the first half of Part I and the simple song after the cadenza in Part 3 leave an impression.” Aiba Hiro, Record Geijutsu, July 2023, p. 142-143.

* Note: Record Geijutsu operated a three-level ranking system. Toku is the top (“special”, effectively 2 stars), Jun is in the middle (“semi-“, effectively 1 star), and nothing (effectively no stars). Record Geijutsu only reviews releases by major labels, so Jun from both reviewers represents a solid evaluation over and above the base level of a major classical label release, albeit not reaching their highly-sought-after Tokusen (both reviews are Toku, i.e. special recommendation). Fortunately, the reviews of our disc just squeezed into the last ever edition of Record Geijutsu, which has been discontinued after being the Japanese industry standard for classical CD reviews for 71 years.


『ぶらあぼ』Bravo, July 2023

「日本在住の作曲家シートンが3人の演奏を聴いて直接オファーしたことから実現した録音で、聴きやすい曲調にノスタルジーを感じさせる彼の30分強の大作は聴きごたえ充分。ヴァイオリンに長いカデンツァがあるのはユニーク。」林昌英、ぶらあぼ 2023年7月号、120ページ。

“This recording came about because Seaton, a composer who lives in Japan, made a direct offer after hearing the three [i.e. Irodrio] play. His large-scale work of over thirty minutes makes one feel nostalgic with its easy-to-listen-to melodies and is well worth a listen. The violin has a long cadenza, which is unique.” Hayashi Masahide, Bravo (online Japanese classical music magazine), July 2023, p. 120.